Fitch is Back

Written by Tom Ngo
November 20th, 2008

UFC Jon Fitch

The last two days have been quite the whirlwind for welterweight Jon Fitch. Two days ago, he turned in his fight contract to the UFC, agreeing to face Akihiro Gono at UFC 94. Then yesterday, he was released from the organization for refusing to sign a lifetime video game licensing agreement. Well it now appears that the American Kickboxing Academy fighter and the UFC have resolved their issues, and he will be back with the organization.

MMARated.com is reporting that as of late Thursday afternoon, Fitch spoke directly with UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta and the two have put the issue to bed. Fitch has agreed to sign the licensing agreement, and his bout against Gono will go on as planned.

“Communication kind of broke down with Dana (White) so we talked with Lorenzo,” Fitch told MMARated. “(I) just got off the phone with him and we came to an agreement. We’re going to move ahead and I’ll be back in the UFC. We’re going to sign off on the video game and I’m back. It was never even about the agreement or the contract. It was the approach that we felt Dana was being a little bit hot-headed and was threatening us right off the bat. It didn’t seem like a professional way of doing things.”

Fitch Timeline Recap:

11/18/08 – Fitch agrees to take on Akihiro Gono at UFC 94

11/19/08 – Fitch is released from the UFC

11/20/08 – White tells his side of the story

11/20/08 – Fitch fires back at White’s statements

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