After UFC 109 Victory, It’s All Gravy for Matt Serra

Written by Tom Ngo
February 11th, 2010

Once again, former welterweight champ Matt Serra entered his UFC 109 bout against Frank Trigg the smaller fighter. Although the division is stacked with LARGE 170-pounders, the compact slugger insists the bigger weight class is where he belongs.

“I’ll fight at a catchweight, but I’m not going to 155. Leading up to the fight, people are like, technically you can make it, but it’s (expletive) brutal man,” Serra told MMAWeekly.com of the possibility of him dropping back down to the smaller lightweight division.

Serra’s answer may have been different had he been overwhelmed by Trigg, however Frank was put to sleep before he could present any resistance. The electrifying win bumped the New Yorker’s pro record to 10-6,  however Serra’s  lost two of last three contests.

Granted his losses during that stretch were against former welterweight champ Matt Hughes and reigning king Georges St-Pierre, respectively, but they also came against guys that cut down from 190ish pounds to make the welterweight limit – something that is becoming more prevalent in one of the UFC’s deepest divisions.

So are you sure you don’t want to reconsider dropping back down to 155?

“It gets a little more difficult,” he admitted. “I’m 35 now. Last time I made lightweight I was at least 29. It’s not just because I love the pasta, of course I love the pasta.”

Ah, so there in lies the TRUTH as to why the proud Italian-American doesn’t want to return to the lightweight class, he doesn’t want to permanently surrender the delicious carb-filled dishes of his ancestors.

“I do the right thing. I eat right, I’m disciplined. I’m not at 170 because I’m lazy,” Serra quickly stated of his training regimen. “It’s not like it’s any easier time down (at 155), those (expletive) are quick.”

Who knows why Serra wouldn’t want to be a BIG lightweight when he’s a small WELTERWEIGHT. Perhaps he enjoys the challenge of fighting larger opponents, or maybe he thinks it will keep him hungry.

Speaking of eating …

“At my in-laws, I’m gonna have a crazy party, and then at night I’m going to my mother’s,” Serra said of his strict celebratory diet. “So I’m just gonna have marinara sauce coming out of my eyeballs.”

It’s all gravy, make that Italian gravy …

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