Official UFC 91 Gate Numbers Released

Written by Tom Ngo
November 21st, 2008


The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the official attendance and gate numbers from last Saturday’s UFC 91 event. Although the event was not sold out, 14,272 fans packed into the MGM Grand Garden Hotel and Casino to watch Randy Couture lose his UFC heavyweight title to Brock Lesnar. The event garnered $4.815.65 Million at the gate.

UFC president White revealed the event’s unofficial numbers at the UFC 91 post-fight press conference, and they were almost dead on. However, what White didn’t have access to was that 3,427 of the14,272 in attendance received complimentary tickets for the show.

Before the event, White anticipated that UFC 91 would be the biggest card in MMA history. Although it fell short of White’s lofty expectations, it was still the UFC’s fourth highest gate in the company’s 15 year history, it was its third highest for a UFC event in the state of Nevada.

Certainly the current state of the US economy played a significant factor in the organization’s inability to sellout the event. The UFC tried to make up that loss by slightly increasing the ticket prices for this monumental event.

Here are the UFC’s Top 5 gate earners:

1. UFC 66 “Liddell vs. Ortiz II”, December 2006: $5,397,300 gate (12,191 in attendance)
2. UFC 83 “St. Pierre vs. Serra II”, April 2008: $5,100,000 (21,390 in attendance)
3. UFC 79 “St. Pierre vs. Hughes”, December 2007: $4,994,050 (9,704 in attendance)
4. UFC 91 “Couture vs. Lesnar”, November 2008: $4,815,675 (13,224 in attendance)
5. UFC 71 “Liddell vs. Jackson”, May 2007: $4,304,740 (13,224 in attendance)

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