Liddell Out Against Anderson Silva, In Against Randy Couture?

Written by Tom Ngo
November 23rd, 2008

The Sun UK is reporting that Chuck Liddell is no longer in the running to take on Anderson Silva at UFC 95. Instead, Liddell may be getting a fourth fight with UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture. The UFC is planning to hold an event in Germany on June 13th and would like to have Couture as a headliner since he does speak fluent German.

Both are coming off losses and would setup an intriguing fight for MMA fans. The interesting bit of the proposed fourth encounter between the two is that the fight would take place in the heavyweight division. The past three bouts between the two have been in the light heavyweight division, which is where Liddell has primarily fought.

With the UFC continuing its march towards global expansion, Germany has been a location that they have pushed hard for. Several German representatives were invited to UFC 91 to help spark the interest in getting the UFC over to Germany.

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