White: GSP vs. Silva Super-Fight is Possible

Written by Tom Ngo
January 29th, 2009

UFC president Dana White has officially spoken out about the possibility of the organization putting on another super-fight, however that bout will be directly dependent upon the outcome of the super-fight that is already lined up for UFC 94. White stated that if welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre were to successfully defeat lightweight champion BJ Penn again, the organization would be inclined to set up a GSP vs. Anderson Silva matchup.

“If Georges wins, obviously there’s another super-fight lined up for him that he could possibly take,” White said alluding to a possible showdown with the UFC middleweight champion.

“Hypothetically speaking, if he (St-Pierre) beat BJ Penn that night, it would be up in the air who is pound-for-pound the best in the world,” added White. “Who knows what we’d do, but it’s obviously a very interesting fight. If he beats B.J.”

If the French-Canadian is able to successfully defend his title on Super Bowl weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, the UFC would most likely make the GSP/Silva fight happen sooner rather than later.

On multiple occasions, Silva has mentioned his desire to retire from MMA by the age of 35, which is 18 months from now. However, he did state that he intends to honor the remaining five fights on his UFC contract by that time as well.

White stated that although a St-Pierre/Silva fight was possible, a Penn/Silva fight would not be, if the lightweight were to walk away victorious on January 31st.

“BJ doesn’t have the frame to carry that kind of weight,” stated White. “Is he tough enough to do it? Absolutely. Is he talented enough to go up there and do it? Absolutely. Does that mean he should do it? Absolutely not. He doesn’t have the frame to carry that kind of weight. And it just makes no sense, no sense at all.”

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