Anderson Silva Talks Franklin, Wanderlei and New UFC Signee

Written by Tim Ngo
October 26th, 2007

UFC Anderson Silva

After a another dominating performance against Rich “Ace” Franklin (24-3-0) at UFC 77 last Saturday, Anderson Silva (19-4-0) gave the former champ a lot of credit telling Tatame, “he [Franklin] seemed to be stronger, more motivated than the last time, it was difficult to hold his neck in the clinch, it maybe seemed to be an easy fight, but it wasn’t.”

Anderson Silva also talked about his future in the UFC. When asked about who his next opponent would be, Silva responded, “I’m training hard to fight against the top fighters, so this is what counts. I don’t have any preference. It can be anyone.”

When asked about his former Chute Boxe teammate Wanderlei Silva facing Chuck Liddell (20-5-0) in December at UFC 79, “I have a good friendship with Chuck but I’ll cheer for Wanderlei because he’s Brazilian but is a very hard fight for both of them.” Silva said.

Silva did quickly talk about Rafael Feijão from the IFL, stating he would be joining the UFC soon.

“In my opinion he [Rafael Feijão] should already be there. I talked about him with the guys [Joe Silva, Dana White] from UFC.” Silva told Tatame.

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