Torres the Artist

Written by Tom Ngo
December 1st, 2008

WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres is considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. His exciting, fast-paced style has drawn rave reviews from his fellow MMA counterparts and fans alike. Torres considers his style an art, one that he is on the cusp of perfecting. He will be making his second title defense on Wednesday at WEC 37 against a very game Manny Tapia.

“I like to consider myself an artist. Martial arts is an art to me. It’s a way I get to express myself. I’ve never done well with game plans. I try to stick to a game plan and fight someone with a certain style,” stated the WEC champion.

Although he has posted a dominating 34-1 professional record, Torres is not looking past the capabilities of his WEC 36 opponent. Tapia, a former UFC fighter, holds a 10-0-1 record.

“I’m not looking past Manny Tapia at all. Manny Tapia is a very dangerous fighter,” said Torres. “He has knockout power in both hands. He has great grappler (skills). He’s a really good wrestler. He’s earned his title shot, King of the Cage champ. I’m not looking past Manny Tapia at all.”

Even though Tapia has the capabilities of taking away Torres’ title, he hasn’t done anything differently in his preparation for this bout. He is simply going to be the artist that he has always been.

“I think with Manny, I’m going to go in and have fun and fight him on his feet,” said Torres. “I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for me to showcase my stand up. Manny hits hard. He likes to box. I’m going to go out there and showcase my stand up.”

Torres hopes that Tapia is ready for this fight, because he has been for quite some time.

“I’m ready. I’ve been ready for a couple of weeks,” added Torres. “I’m in top shape right now. My cardio is good. My stand up is good. My ground is solid. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for my fight.”

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