BJ Penn Wants to Hold Lightweight and Welterweight Belts at the Same Time, Calls Sherk a “‘Roider”

Written by Tim Ngo
December 17th, 2007

UFC Lightweight BJ Penn

BJ Penn has never been a fighter who was afraid to speak his mind. In a recent interview with Steve Sievert of the Houston Chronicle, Penn maintains he still wants to fight in the welterweight division and settle the score once and for all with Matt Hughes.

“I really want to be the first guy to have a belt in the lightweight and welterweight divisions,” Penn told Sievert.

The lure of holding two titles in two different weight divisions is enough to keep Penn in the lightweight division.

The winner of the BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson fight at UFC 80 will go on to face Sean Sherk. Penn made his feelings about Sherk clear.

“He’s a ‘roider,” Penn stated.

“Sit on the side and wait while the two people fight for the real lightweight championship, not the steroid championship,” Penn continued.

If Penn does win, he has already said in the past that he wouldn’t fight Sherk if he wasn’t cleared of taking steroids. The UFC has already said that the winner fights Sherk, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out.

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