Vinny Magalhaes: "It would’ve been better to have me and Krzysztof in the finals"

Written by Tom Ngo
December 8th, 2008

Vinicius Magalhaes

5thRound.com recently had the pleasure of speaking with Vinny Magalhaes, a light heavyweight finalist on this season’s “Ultimate Fighter” reality show, about his road to the finals. Although he anticipated himself being there, Magalhaes had envisioned facing a different opponent in the show’s finale. “I kind of feel bad because it would’ve been better to have me and Krzysztof in the finals than to have me and [Ryan] Bader,” Magalhaes told 5thRound.com in an exclusive interview.

After being criticized by his own teammate, Krzysztof Soszynski, for being a “pretty boy” and not wanting to be punched in the face, Magalhaes says that there’s no hard feelings between the two.During the show, both Magalhaes and Soszynski mentioned that they were not only teammates on Team Mir, but also at Team Quest in Temecula, California.

Since the show wrapped, Magalhaes has left Team Quest, however admits that the two rarely worked together during their time with the same camp.

“I barely trained with Krzysztof, so to fight him was kind of bad because I expected to fight him in the finals. My main training partners [at Team Quest] were [Thierry] Sokoudjou, Jesse Taylor and [Dan] Henderson,” Magalhaes said.

With the biggest fight of his career just around the corner, and the potential for job security with the UFC at stake, Magalhaes has been focused on his training, with intentions of proving a point.

“I watched my fight [with Krzysztof] the other night and I saw how horrible I was on my feet so I’ve made a lot of changes to my game. You guys can expect a completely different Vinny in my next fight,” stated the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wizard.

Magalhaes will fight Bader this Saturday, December 13th, in the “Ultimate Fighter” Season 8 Finale, which will be airing at 9PM EST on SpikeTV. The winner will be granted a six-figure contract with the world’s biggest MMA organization.

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