Junie Browning is a Changed Man

Written by Tom Ngo
December 12th, 2008

Every season the producers of “The Ultimate Fighter” hope that there will be at least one fighter that will act up so the show can capture better ratings. Little did they know that lightweight Junie Browning was going to create enough drama this past season to last a lifetime. The human ticking time bomb was involved in numerous altercations with friends and foes alike, however Browning claims to have changed since the show has wrapped.

“There’s so much stuff that I still have to learn. And I’m getting better. I’m trying to learn. I’m taking stuff more serious. I’m not like throwing glass at people in the club or anything,” stated Browning.

Since the show wrapped nearly six months ago, Browning has joined former UFC champion Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture camp in Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the tutelage of the ever-classy Couture, Browning is learning what it means to be a professional inside and outside of the Octagon.

“I’m taking (expletive) serious,” stated Browning. “I’m not going to be (expletive) around or anything. I’m done with that. The show is over.”

Browning seemed to be a favorite of UFC president Dana White. White, who has a keen eye for talent, gave Browning countless opportunities when Browning continued to falter. Previous contestants have been thrown off of the show for doing less than what Browning continued to do.

However Browning now sees those times as light years ago, and truly seems to have grown up. In fact, he looked back on his semi-finals loss to Efrain Escudero, and knows that today he is a much better fighter, both mentally and physically.

“Going into the fight, I honestly knew I was going to lose anyway,” said Browning. “I knew 100% that he was going to be in shape. He was training with Nogueira’s team. I saw the way they trained. They came home from practice everyday and fell asleep. I came home from practice and was throwing (expletive) off the balcony. I knew I was out of shape.”

The 24-year-old knows that his actions will speak a lot louder than his words, and hopefully he will start acting like the talented fighter that White seems to think he is against Dave Kaplan on Saturday’s “The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Finale.”

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