Silva: "Lyoto’s a Fighter Who Runs More Than He Fights"

Written by Tom Ngo
January 27th, 2009

Devastating, explosive, dangerous. Those are the words usually used to describe 26-year-old Thiago Alves. He will be taking his perfect 13-0 record into the Octagon this weekend at UFC 94 against Lyoto Machida, who holds a 13-0 mark of his own.  With the biggest fight of his young career just days away, Alves plans to unleash an attack Machida has never seen before.

“My plan is to attack him all the time,” Silva stated. “It will be a knockout in the 1stRound.”

That might be easier said than done, as Machida is MMA’s most elusive fighter. Many have tried, but failed. Machida’s style is unique in that he can retreat, duck and dodge, yet attack once you get too overzealous.

“…Lyoto’s a fighter who runs more than he fights,” said Silva. “He’s not a fighter who will knock me out easily. He scores points, and I’ll make it hard for him to score. I already faced the toughest fighters. I believe it will be more of a psychological fight than a physical fight for me.”

Silva plans to walk the fine line between aggressiveness and patience. He intends to push a pace that is so intense, it would be too difficult for Machida to elude him for an entire 15 minutes.

“The opponents who have faced him attacked and stopped; I’ll have a different gameplan,” said the hungry Brazilian. “I want to see how he deals with someone who’s in very good shape and attacks him for five minutes over three rounds. I’m not underestimating him. He’s a great fighter, but I’d bet on me. I’m not here to joke around. I have my goals, and I’m ready to beat Lyoto.”

If he is able to get past Machida on Saturday, the rest of the 205-pound division better be ready as well.

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