UFC 110: Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping Getting Nasty

Written by Tim Ngo
February 18th, 2010

All of a sudden, the co-main event at “UFC 110: Noguiera vs. Velasquez” has become must-see-TV. Things between Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva got testy at yesterday’s press conference for UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia.

Silva must have gotten wind of some of the comments that Bisping had made about him during the UFC’s “Countdown to UFC 110” special that aired on SpikeTV the other night.

While Bisping’s camp took some time to comment on Silva’s looping punches and lack of evolution as a fighter since being a Pride champion, Bisping himself jumped on the bandwagon as well.

“The belt doesn’t mean [expletive] to me. I eat black belts for breakfast,” Bisping said about Silva’s BJJ black belt.

Bisping continued making comments during the pre-UFC 110 press conference saying, “Wanderlei’s been very vocal about me, saying that he doesn’t like me and things like that. I’ve got nothing but respect for him as a fighter. I can’t say that I feel the same way about him personally after some of the comments that I’ve heard.”

It seems as though Bisping didn’t like some of Silva’s video blogs that he has put up during his training camp and some of the comments that were made on them (see videos below).

While Silva was responding to Bisping’s comment about him not winning a lot in recent fights, Bisping continued to make underhanded comments which forced Silva to tell his opponent to “shut up.”

He later explained that everyone that he talks to doesn’t like Bisping and wants him to kick Bisping’s ass which caused the Brit to say, “… that’s nice. Fortunately I couldn’t give a [expletive].”

Silva talks about fighting Bisping

Silva’s friends predict the fight

Things should be pretty interesting come Saturday.

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