Dana White: The NFL Ain’t Got Nothin’ on the UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
February 19th, 2010

Although the National Football League has cemented itself as America’s favorite pastime, UFC president Dana White continues his global sales pitch as to why mixed martial arts will one day rule the world of sports.

“The NFL in the United States, it’s huge,” White said at Wednesday’s UFC 110 per-fight press conference. “The last Super Bowl we just had was the most watched television show in history, that’s how big the Super Bowl is.”

Although their pigskin counterparts have engulfed the domestic athletic market, they haven’t been able to translate that same level of success abroad despite hosting regular season games in Mexico City and England since 2005.

Let’s also not forget about NFL Europe, which was created to expose our eastern neighbors to the awesomeness that is “football,” however was forced to close its doors in 2007 after a rocky 16-year run. Regardless, the NFL is set to hold their fifth regular season game overseas in 2010, however White believes the NFL’s success will always be contained within the U.S. borders.

“They have been trying to break into all these different markets, but people don’t understand it,” White said of the lack of worldwide appeal for American football. “They haven’t played it, they didn’t grow up playing it, they don’t know the rules, and they’re never going to be invested in the New England Patriots or New York Giants.

“But fighting, people get it and they like it. I don’t care what color you are, what language you speak or what country you live in. We’re all human beings and fighting is in our DNA!”

Since most don’t seem to understand football, let alone forensics, White broke down MMA’s global transparency by comparing it to prehistoric times when the Flintstones and Rubbles didn’t have any lopsided leather balls or basketball courts to entertain themselves with.

“Before a guy ever hit a ball with a bat or put a ball through a hoop, there were two guys on this planet and somebody threw a punch and anybody that was standing around was watching it,” White said.

“It translates across all different barriers. This will be the biggest sport in the world. I guarantee it.”

Saturday’s UFC 110 event will mark the organization’s debut in Australia – the eighth country the Octagon has invaded.

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