Huerta Gets Extension with UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
December 9th, 2008

Popular lightweight Roger Huerta has just signed a five-fight contract extension with the UFC. Before dropping his last Octagon bout to Kenny Florian at UFC 87, Huerta had won 16 consecutive fights. Huerta had one more fight remaining on his current UFC contract, however both sides felt it was better to solidify Huerta’s future with the world’s largest MMA organization before he hit the open market.

Many thought that Huerta had burned his bridges with the UFC prior to his fight against Florian. In an interview with Fight! Magazine, Huerta went on record about his disdain for how the UFC treats and compensates their athletes.

In the piece, Huerta said that he quit doing public relations (PR) for the UFC because he missed out on valuable training time, and was rewarded with only a $50/day stipend for his troubles. Also, some promotional days extended beyond 12 hours.

Obviously, UFC President Dana White was not too pleased.

“Boohoo,” White stated. “Guys have been doing it the eight years we’ve been running the company. Oscar De La Hoya weighs in on Friday, then jumps on a plane to California and does Jay Leno and all these other talk shows because that’s how you build your name up and become famous, and that’s how you make your money. You know what else we have? We have guys in the UFC bitching that guys like Roger Huerta get all the PR and that they don’t get any.”

After White fired back, Huerta backpedaled a little bit from his initial statements, fearing that his future with the organization may be in jeopardy.

“All I was saying, is that as a business decision – and you can’t argue about this – it’s in all businesses,” Huerta said. “If another company offers you something better for you and your family, you would do that. It’s the logical thing to do, and that’s all I was saying.”

As of now, there is no fight or opponent lined up for Huerta, who is scheduled to return to action in March.

MMAWeekly.com confirmed the contract extension with sources close to Huerta.

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