Despite Spectacular UFC 110 Ticket Sales, Australian Media Bash MMA Bloodbath

Written by Tom Ngo
February 23rd, 2010

In the UFC’s Australian debut this Saturday, company president Dana White reported that 17,831 screaming fans packed the Acer Arena, generating a stadium record $2.5 million at the gate. Although UFC 110‘s numbers are staggering, the Octagon’s bloodbath didn’t leave fond impressions on everyone.

You can officially put Peter Fitzsimons of The Sydney Morning Harold down in the MMA hater column after the Australian reporter authored “‘Smell the blood!’ The sickening roar for gore” on the heel of this weekend’s historic event.

Here are a few of Fitzsimons’ outtakes regarding the glamorized bar brawl that is MMA:

“Bonnar’s forehead is so deep that his red essence is gushing out of him and soon both fighters are covered in it from top to toe. This appears to interest the referee mildly, but no more than that. Still they go at it, and when Bonnar briefly goes down, the ref has to jump out of the way so that Soszynski can properly get at him, and bash him some more.”

The reason why the referee didn’t step-in immediately was because there was still live action going on. Time doesn’t stop just because someone suffers a cut.

The ref will wait until there is a lull in the action to have a doctor look at the laceration, this way, the contestant that earned the superior position doesn’t get penalized – just like in every other sport, including boxing.

“And so the afternoon goes on, with nine vicious bouts and much blood spilt. About 30 police watch as the fighters continue to bash each other to a pulp. If it were to happen 100 metres away, on the street, those same police would have to arrest them for grievous bodily harm – though they’d take the precaution of calling for back-up first.”

Street fighting is against the law in Australia too … NOTED!

“This is as far from professional wrestling’s tightly choreographed theatrical fighting. These are deadly serious contests fought by highly skilled men. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – and it will be the last bout I’ll attend – but it looks like we might have moved into an age when tens of thousands of people no longer want cups of tea. They want buckets of blood.”

MMA might not be your flavor, but Dana White said you better get used to it as they intend to host an annual show Down Under. So grab a Foster’s and open up your mind, otherwise pay close attention as the the world’s fastest growing sport quickly passes you by.

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