Coach Mir: "Junie Browning Was a Huge Disappointment"

Written by Tom Ngo
December 12th, 2008

Lightweight Junie Browing was far and away the most intriguing participant on this past season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series.  Browning continued to falter inside of the TUF house, however received countless opportunities to remain on the show. Former heavyweight champion, and Browning’s TUF coach, Frank Mir, is speaking out on how much of an issue he actually had with Browning and his behavior.

“Honestly, I think Junie Browning was a huge disappointment,” Mir stated. “If I had complete control, I would have kicked Junie off the first week after I saw his behavior and edited him out so no one got to see him at all. I think he does give a bad name and face to everyone (associated with MMA).”

Mir felt that he did everything in his power to provide the proper guidance to the short-tempered lightweight, however his advice seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“I think the only mistake I really made was maybe not trying to force him off the team harder,” Mir said. “I think he kind of brought down everyone else. Then again, I think I tried to talk to him, but I guess I’m just not a babysitter. I’m not one to sit there and hold someone’s hand and beg them to be a fighter.”

“Hopefully Junie finds that in the future — he can find his babysitter and somebody that will console him and give him the special love that he needs.”

Browning often became violent with fellow cast members after he got heavily intoxicated. UFC president Dana White even stated that Browning should have been kicked off of the show on three separate occasions.

“…when I was asked my opinion, I told Junie flat out, ‘I think you should be kicked off the show, and I think your behavior is unacceptable and that you don’t represent martial arts at all. Everything you’ve ever done is ridiculous,'” Mir said.

Something else that Mir thinks is absurd is the fact that Browning became a “star” for what he did outside of the Octagon, as opposed to what he achieved inside of it.

“I hear more people talk about Junie Browning than they do talk about Phillipe Nover and Efrain, which I think is an insult to those two fighters,” Mir continued. “They are the better martial artists. They’re better fighters.”

However, Browning seems to have done something right, as he will be featured on a televised bout on Saturday’s The “Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Finale” against cast mate Dave Kaplan. Obviously, Mir was not too pleased.

“As far as him being on the main card, it does reward his behavior,” Mir said. “I think in the future, it shows people who get on the show that as long as they act like a moron and idiot that they get to have time. And that face time equals money, so maybe they don’t have to put that much effort into fighting.”

Since the show wrapped nearly six months ago, Browning has joined former UFC champion Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture camp in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even under the tutelage of the ever-classy Couture, Mir believes that it will only be a matter of time before Browning reverts back to his old ways.

“Someone like Junie’s behavior would never be allowed in anybody’s gym,” he said. “I don’t think anybody … could tell me that if Junie had done that in their gym that their coach would allow him to be there for more than a day without getting kicked out.”

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