Shane Carwin: “I Have Never Said Frank Mir was Mentally Unfit or a Terrible Human Being”

Written by Tom Ngo
February 25th, 2010

It appears that a particular mixed martial arts website has ticked-off one of the sport’s friendliest superstars. UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin just posted a blog clarifying his thoughts on Frank Mir’s recent comments regarding killing Brock Lesnar.

Carwin stated on his Twitter account that he was “setting the record straight” in regards to what his true feelings are about Mir’s inappropriate remarks. The classy slugger even apologized to Mir for “any added BS” the sensationalized article may have caused him.

Here’s Carwin’s entire statement regarding MMABay.com’s “misleading journalism”:

“It is amazing that the MMA media has to twist what people say instead of just requesting your own interview or writing what was actually said. This is the reason I prefer to give my interviews in writing. I get you have a job to do but don’t ask me for interviews and then twist what I said to get visitors to your website. Any MMA media that cut and pasted, read the article, just because one site has a sensation yet wrong title doesn’t mean you have to follow. Very misleading journalism.

I have never said Frank Mir was mentally unfit or a terrible human being. What I did say is that if ANY fighter really wishes to kill someone in the Octagon they IN FACT ARE a terrible person. I also stated that I had not heard any of Mir’s comments so I was not directing the comment to him. I had been buried in getting my wife through labor and the baby here safely (29 hours of labor).

There are a lot of fighters that say we’re fighting to the death or I want to kill that guy when we fight. Fighting is an emotional sport and we all say some stupid stuff, fighters just have a tendency to say it when the mic is on, when our emotions are at our highest. Do I think Frank is unfit or a bad guy? I do not, every experience I have had with him has been good and I really do not have much negative to say about him. I expect he will be in amazing shape and seems to be as hungry as we all are to get a crack at Brock’s title.”

In case you missed MMABay’s piece, here are the snippets Carwin is referring to.

“I did not see the interview so I can’t comment on what he might have said. I can tell you that ANY athlete wishing death upon a competitor is either a terrible human being or mentally unfit to fight. That type of talk and if it ever happened will take this sport backwards. Frank has been a part of the stone ages of MMA and it makes no sense why he would want or make comments that might damage a lot of the good HE has participated in adding to this sport over the years.”

“Brock is a heel in the ring but at home he is a human, husband, father and friend to many. Wishing death or harm upon him doesn’t serve any purpose. I will do my best to make Frank’s dream of fighting Brock come true, unfortunately for them it will be a three round fight as I plan on winning both of those belts.”

The quotes really aren’t the issue, it’s how the website preceded them that has Carwin in an uproar.

“UFC heavyweight contender, Shane Carwin has slammed Frank Mir over his comments directed towards champion, Brock Lesnar where he said he wanted to break his neck or worse, [labeling] the Las Vegas native “either a terrible human being or mentally unfit.”

You can clearly see where the U.K.-based website decided to fill in the blanks for Carwin, however irresponsible journalism such as this sets us reputable MMA websites back with the athletes as well.

We ain’t all like MMABay.com, Shane!

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