UFC to Support Stephan Bonnar in UFC 110 Appeal

Written by Tom Ngo
February 28th, 2010

As reported on Wednesday, Stephan Bonnar intends to appeal his controversial TKO loss to Krzysztof Soszynski at UFC 110. Today, Marc Ratner, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs, said the organization will assist Bonnar in his protest, however there is only so much they can do. 

After two back-and-forth rounds, the light heavyweights collided heads in the final round’s opening ticks, which caused blood to gush out of Bonnar’s forehead. Unfortunately for “The Ultimate Fighter 1” finalist, Australian referee John Sharp ruled the cut had been caused by a legal strike and Soszynski was awarded the win.

“It’s their commission,” Ratner told Sherdog.com. “They have a real commission. I’m going to help Stephan any way I can, but it’s their decision. The referee was asked if it was a head butt, and he said it was a strike or a punch. From his position, he did not see the head butt.”

Soszynski immediately acknowledged that the accidental head butt was what caused the laceration and that he would be open to a rematch if one was presented.

“It’s only fair to get this overturned to a no contest or draw,” said Bonnar. “In the rules, if after two rounds a fighter suffers a cut from an illegal blow, they go to the scorecard. The judges had it one round a piece, which would have made it a draw.”

The New South Wales Combat Sports Authority, which regulated the event inside the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia, will determine whether the fight will be overturned from a loss to a draw or no contest, with the latter being the most likely choice.

“I understand the rules very well. I helped write them,” Ratner said. “The mistake that people are making is that this fight did not end on the accidental head butt. The judges would have had to score that [third] round, a partial round, and come to a technical decision. At the end of two rounds, it was a majority draw, but there was a lot of action in the first minute [of the third round]. No one can say how they would have scored it.”

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