Brock Lesnar Still Confused on How to Shut Frank Mir Up

Written by Tom Ngo
March 1st, 2010

Frank Mir has had his time to threaten, apologize and explain. Now it’s Brock Lesnar’s turn, as the UFC heavyweight champ has broken his silence to let Mir know he’ll be rooting for him at UFC 111 on March 27th.

“I’m fighting the winner of Frank Mir and Shane Carwin,” Lesnar told KFAN Sports Radio AM 1130 on Friday. “If one of those guys are unable to fight after that fight, I’ll probably fight Cain Velasquez from my understanding.

“I’d really like to fight Frank Mir again.”

Oh really? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with his intentions on making you the first Octagon fatality, could it?

“I am truly hoping that Frank wins this fight so it sets us up for July and maybe the next beat down will …,” as Lesnar paused for a brief moment to chuckle, “I don’t know what I have to do to shut him up.”

Although Mir caught a green Lesnar off-guard in his Octagon debut at UFC 81 in February 2008, Lesnar came back to unify the heavyweight crown with a resounding TKO victory in their mulligan at UFC 100 last July.

After being on the receiving end of a thrashing like that, most wouldn’t have the gull to trash the man that layeth the smacketh down on them, but not Mir.

“The guy should probably just focus on the task in front of him, which is Shane Carwin, because if Shane Carwin beats his ass he won’t be fighting me,” Lesnar stated. “Hopefully he gets past Shane Carwin so I can put another beat down on him.

“For a guy to take an ass whopping like the last I gave him and for him to get up and keep running his mouth. You know I just got to laugh at it.”

What in the world do you think was going through his mind earlier this week when he decided to spout-off, Brock?

“You know, I don’t know what he thought,” Lesnar said of Mir’s motives. “He’s still trying to pull his foot out of his mouth and when you say something like that and your wife has to go out and apologize for you, you know you pissed somebody off. I think his wife made the apology before he did probably.”

At the same time, you’re talking to a former WWE superstar that is fully aware of the importance that promotion and controversy have in moving the needle. Furthermore, mixed martial artists are trained to kill and practice every day as if their lives depended on it, because it does, and that’s where Lesnar believes Mir may have been coming from.

“Fighting has come so far in such a short amount of time,” said Lesnar. “We want to perceive ourselves as athletes and get the respect of the general public. Yeah, it was out of line. But in the fighters’ mentally, I don’t want to go in the Octagon and kill somebody, but I do whatever I can to win. And maybe that’s what he was saying, I don’t know.”

Hypothetically, IF Mir is able to hand Carwin his first professional blemish and the trilogy goes down, Mir would then have to consider you the planet’s best heavyweight if you humbled him again, right?

“I got to go back to a quote that he said before my second fight,” Lesnar said. “He said if Brock Lesnar beats me, he will become the greatest mixed martial artist ever. And I guess he’s eating his words and he doesn’t want to say that again, he doesn’t want to admit that I am that much better than him.”

(Special thanks to KFAN Sports Radio AM 1130 and BloodyElbow.com for the transcription)

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