Love or Hate Him, Evans is Here to Stay

Written by Tom Ngo
December 22nd, 2008

Light heavyweight top contender Rashad Evens knows that he is not the most liked man in the UFC, however he feels that he is just misunderstood. “The Ultimate Fighter 2” champ was labeled as a “showboater” and a “hotdog” by opposing coach Matt Hughes during the show, and he hasn’t been able to shake those labels ever since.

“Well, people don’t know how to feel about me,” Evans explains. “In one aspect, they kind of hate me, because they kind of still see me as the character on the show, that it was portrayed that I’m a ‘showboater’ since that one statement that Matt Hughes made. Then they’re like, he’s not so good because he lays and prays; he barely wins. I can kinda see some of their criticism, and shrug it off, and continue to do my thing.”

His latest “thing” was knocking out former 205-pound champion Chuck Liddell at UFC 88. Evans showed the MMA world that he now has the striking skills to stand with anyone in the world, however he is still not getting the love that he deserves.

“But I gotta tell ya…the (Internet) forums are brutal, said Evans. “My wife she goes on there sometimes, and she’ll be like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe they called me a loudmouthed bitch,’ and I’m like, ‘baby, you can’t be reading that stuff, that stuff will drive you crazy.’ I had…people writing racist, racist (expletive). ‘You (expletive) monkey nigger, you…’ all kinds of stuff, man. People were upset that I beat Chuck.”

Things like that may have affected him in the past, however Evans is strictly focused on the future now.  He knows that one win doesn’t make a career, but one loss could end it.

“This game, especially the UFC, you’re always one win or one loss away from (expletive) being out of there,” Evans says. “And this is how I make my money. As long as I keep winning, they can’t really kick me out. But if I start losing, you better believe they’re going to get rid of me, you know?”

This Saturday at UFC 92, Evans will not only be fighting to secure his future, but he will be fighting for Forrest Griffin’s title belt.

Love him or hate him, he isn’t going anywhere.

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