A Twist of Fate

Written by Tom Ngo
December 27th, 2008

Whatever they are doing down at their Albuquerque, New Mexico camp seems to be working for Jackson Submission trained fighters. They currently have the UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, and Rashad Evans is getting his crack at light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin this weekend. Is there something in the water down there, or is it just a simple twist of fate?

Many MMA fans have noticed that a lot of the Jackson Submission trained fighters have fallen into the habit of licking their fingers and twisting their nipples during their pre-fight introductions.

Fairly odd behavior for men preparing to fight for their lives. However, the activity is supposed to provide good luck, and apparently it is working.

“Georges St. Pierre was the first do it, and it’s just sort of an inside joke,” Evans said laughing. “Georges said it was supposed to be good luck or something, so I said, ‘Cool, alright.’”

GSP did it before his win over Jon Fitch at UFC 87. Keith Jardine participated in the ritual before his win over Brandon Vera. Nate Marquardt was impressive in his victory over Martin Kampmann at UFC 88. And, Leonard Garcia teased his nipples before knocking out Jens Pulver earlier this month.

Evans will have his first ever title shot today at UFC 92, and you better believe there will be some more nipple twisting going on.

Hey, that is 4-0 thus far…twist all the nipples you want.

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