Rampage to Make Things Right

Written by Tom Ngo
December 24th, 2008

When the UFC announced that former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson would be taking on his former PrideFC foe Wanderlei Silva for a third time, most MMA enthusiasts wondered why. Silva already holds two dominating and devastating knockouts over Rampage, why would the outcome be any different this time?

Rampage initially wondered those same thoughts, however he knows that he and Silva are completely different fighters since their last meeting in 2004.

“Honestly, I knew that I’d see Wanderlei again, especially as soon as he signed with the UFC,” Jackson said. “It was inevitable. And I don’t see this as revenge. Revenge is a dangerous motive. This is my job. This is my fight. This is my career. This is my life.

“Those first two times happened. It didn’t have the outcome that I wanted to have, but this is my time to make it right in my mind. Fighting when I’m a little bit better. I’m a little bit older and more mature now. I’m a lot better with my skills and everything. So I feel like this time right here, this is the time where I can go and give it my all, my 100 percent. This is my time right here to go and do it.”

Rampage’s life has turned upside down since he lost his title to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86. He has been involved in a high speed chase with Costa Mesa Police, arrested at gun point, sent to a mental health facility, and fired his long-time trainer and spiritual mentor Juanito Ibarra.

“Since last August, I got rid of all the baggage around me, and got a bunch of good people around me and good things,” Jackson stated. “And it’s actually working out pretty well, you know. So I’m pretty happy with how everything is turning out.”

Jackson has also joined the up-and-coming Wolfslair camp in Liverpool, England.

He will be looking to get his career back on track this Saturday at UFC 92. For now, that is the only thing that he can do to make things right.

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