Buy Or Sell: UFC vs. “Strikeforce: Nashville”?

Written by Tim Ngo
March 5th, 2010

With yesterday’s surprising announcement that the UFC will be hosing a free event to go up against CBS’ primetime broadcast of “Strikeforce: Nashville,” it’s time to ask if MMA fans should buy or sell the UFC’s latest chess move.

The UFC’s decision to counter-program another promotion’s event is nothing new. Normally they do it with a replay of a prior pay-per-view card on Spike TV, except of course when Anderson Silva made his light heavyweight debut against James Irvin to cut into the buy rates for “Affliction: Banned.”

Although “Strikeforce: Nashville” won’t feature heavyweight stud Fedor Emelianenko, it still boasts three title bouts which should generate good ratings for CBS, including an All-American middleweight championship scrap between Dan Henderson and Jake Shields.

The UFC’s latest move forces Strikeforce to decide, should they go head-to-head with the UFC or push the event back a week in order to pick a fight with the WEC’s first  pay-per-view telecast?

With the abruptness of last night’s announcement, White would clearly prefer to have Strikeforce and CBS stand pat so he can attack his foes directly and immediately.

Most fans became irritated when the WEC announced they were going to charge the same PPV price as a UFC event ($44.95), so if Strikeforce really wanted to stick it to Dana, they should push it back seven days as it would undoubtedly take a chunk out of the WEC’s PPV debut.

The only issue is Strikeforce tickets already went on sale this week, however it appears White and Co. believe this show could be do or die for his rivals.  So although there may be a ton of red tape involved in trying to delay the event, it may be better than the alternative.

On that note, would you buy or sell the UFC’s decision to go one-on-one with “Strikeforce: Nashville” on CBS?

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