Wanderlei: "I Want to Kill This Guy"

Written by Tom Ngo
December 26th, 2008

When you already hold two convincing wins over an opponent, how is it possible to get motivated to face them for a third time? In Wanderlei Silva’s case, it isn’t too hard when you can’t stand Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

“I want to kill this guy; I don’t like him,” Silva stated of his UFC 92 opponent. “This is really no promotion. I don’t talk with him. I don’t like him; he knows this.”

You would think it would be Rampage feeling this way about his former PrideFC foe. After all, Silva holds two knockout victories over him, with the most recent coming just four years ago.

However, after all these years, it is Silva that has held on to the grudge. And it is apparent that his feelings about the former UFC champion aren’t going to change anytime soon.

“Everybody has the guys that you don’t like. The first time I watch him, I don’t like him. Now no change, I don’t like him,” Silva stated. “This time I’m training even more and more. I’m training all day, every day, because I want to have my best condition to beat this guy again.”

The last time that we saw these two in the ring together, Silva unleashed a vicious barrage of knees to Rampage’s head, sending him face-first through the ropes. Oh by the way, he was knocked out cold.

Although their first bout ended in similar fashion, Silva knows that things have changed. No matter how much he despises his opponent, he knows that Rampage remains a dangerous.

“It’s a different place now. We’ll fight in the cage and the gloves here are more small, the fights are more aggressive,” Silva said about the third match with Jackson.  “He has heavy hands. I have to be careful with this, but for me it’s no problem because I love an aggressive match.  Every fan live and on TV is going to have the best fight.”

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