Shoving Match at Weigh-Ins Fuels The Fire For Grudge Match

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
December 27th, 2008


To say that Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Jackson dislike each other would be an understatement. These guys flat out hate each other and it all started out during their days in Pride as Silva scored two KO victories over the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Their dislike for one another reached a boiling point as a shoving match broke out during the weigh-ins for their thrid fight against each other.

Jackson, now more confident and better trained, is looking to prove to Silva and himself that he can beat the “Axe Murderer.” It’s not just Silva that Jackson is fighting though, he’s also fighting himself as he has a court date looming over his head as well as the taste of his loss to Forrest Griffin still in his mouth.

Silva on the other hand wants to “kill” Jackson tonight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. With a third win over Jackson, Silva could put himself in position for a title shot, something he’s been waiting his whole life for.

Both fighters have a lot to prove but yesterday’s “altercation” is not fabricated, these guys just don’t like each other and it’ll be evident during tonight’s showdown.

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