White Continues Fedor Bashing

Written by Tom Ngo
January 2nd, 2009

Since UFC president Dana White failed to close the deal on signing WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko to a free agent contract in 2007, he has gone on a worldwide bashing spree of the Russian fighter. White was at his old tricks again this week, stopping just short of calling Emelianenko overrated.

“(Laughs) That’s so crazy! How can you call him the number one heavyweight in the world? The guy doesn’t fight anybody,” White stated on the Carmichael Dave show.

Emelianenko has compiled a dominating 28-1 professional record, winning 25 consecutive bouts. To most, it is hard to argue that he is the best heavyweight fighter in the world, however White just refuses to see it.

“After seeing what!? Tim Sylvia?” White sarcastically asked about Emeliannko’s last victory. “Everybody knocked Tim Sylvia down in the 1stRound… Randy Couture knocked Tim Sylvia down in the 1stRound too and took his back. Randy just couldn’t choke him out or he would have choked him out the same exact way Fedor did!

“I’ve got no problem with Fedor,” White continued. “I’ve tried to bring him in many times (and) I’m still trying. If Fedor wants to get on the phone tonight I’ll try and cut a deal with him. But don’t call yourself the best heavyweight in the world unless you’re willing to come in and fight three times a year against the best. Annihilate all the best in here and I’ll call you the best.”

Deep down, White most probably believes that Emelianenko is the world’s best heavyweight, but is just trying to get under his skin to make him jump into the Octagon.

“I don’t want to sit around and say, ‘No (Fedor) sucks, he’s not the best’ and not let him fight. I’ll bring him and let him fight everybody,” stated the brash White. “I’ll even pay him — good money. More money than these other knuckleheads can pay him. You’re not the best to me unless you come in and prove it.”

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