Wanderlei Silva Not Retiring, Moving To Middleweight

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
January 5th, 2009

Word coming out of the Wanderlei Silva camp is that the former Pride middleweight (light heavyweight) champion is going to move down to the middleweight division in the UFC. Silva had discussed the possible move before his knockout victory over Keith Jardine at UFC 84, but the win setup a third bout with Quinton Jackson at UFC 92 and a possible title shot, which made the decision easy for him to stay at 205-lbs.

Now, after being KO’ed by Jackson at UFC 92, our friends over at FightLine are reporting that Silva will officially be moving to 185-lbs.

Many have stated in the past that Silva has always been a smaller light heavyweight which always put him at a disadvantage. Silva was able to hide his lack of size with his tenacity and heart, but with his aging skills he’s been more vulnerable to knockouts.

No official announcement has been made by Silva or the UFC, but expect the announcement of his next fight to be in the middleweight division.

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