Big Trouble for "Big Foot?"

Written by Tom Ngo
January 6th, 2009

When heavyweight Antonio “Big Foot” Silva decided to take on Yoshihiro Nakao at Sengoku 7, he knew that he and his cornermen were at risk of losing their fighting licenses in the U.S. Silva, the reigning EliteXC heavyweight champion, was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after his win over Justin Eilers at EliteXC’s “Unfinished Business.”

Silva appealed the suspension, however it was ultimately upheld by the Commission, and he was suspended for one year, retroactive to his bout on July 26th.

Bill Douglas, the interim head of the California State Athletic Commission, stated that he has notified all athletic commissions of Silva and his cornermen’s defiance by participating at an event in Japan, and has set a February 10th hearing date.

If the Commission decides to revoke Silva and his cornermen’s licenses, it would mean that they are banned from fighting in all U.S. commissioned states until California grants him a new license. A new license couldn’t be issued for at least one year from the date of revocation.

There is no denying Silva’s abilities, and he looked exceptional in his victory over Nakao this week. However, beating an opponent will prove to be much easier than trying to beat the system.

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