Ngo-stradamus Calls UFC 79

Written by Tom Ngo
December 29th, 2007

The world knows Nostradamus as the man that predicted many major world events.  His prophecies are undeniable and have created quite the cult following.   Well 5thRounders, Ngo-stramanus will look to do the same thing, but in the context of the MMA world.   Coming off a successful round of predictions at UFC 78, going 4-1, with Frank Edgar’s upset over Spencer Fisher marking my only loss. Let’s see how Ngo-stradamus does on this round of prophecies.   I already predict I will do well.

Eddie Sanchez (+110) vs. Soa Palalei (-140)
Sanchez enters the Octagon looking to put together back-to- back victories since losing his guinea pig bout again Mirko Cro Cop.  Unfortunately for Sanchez, he should have faced Cro Cop in his second or third UFC bout, where the much hyped Pride fighter has fizzed since dominating Sanchez.
Even though there is very little known about Palalei as he is making his UFC debut, he is a favorite heading into this fight, however, I do like Sanchez in an upset.  The bright lights and big stage may be too big for Palalei to overcome. Either way, I don’t think it matters too much since this bout is just a “filler” while the varsity fighters prepare to fight.
Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Sanchez by Unanimous Decision

Melvin Guillard (-225) vs. Rich Clementi (+185)
Not only is Guillard coming off an embarrassing loss to Joe Stevenson in his last UFC outing, he is also entering the Octagon for the first time since his suspension resulting from a positive Cocaine test eight months back.
Clementi holds a special place in the hearts of the UFC management after he bailed them out at UFC 76, when he filled in at the last minute to face Anthony Johnson.  Even though he lost, that fighters spirit goes a long way in Dana White’s eyes. 
Guillard has always been an active and aggressive fighter, and Clementi better be ready for the pace that Guillard will bring to him, otherwise it will be a long night for him, or a short night depending on when Guillard knocks him out.
Ngo-stadamus predicts:   Guillard 2nd Round (T)KO

Rameau Sokoudjou (-115) vs. Lyoto Machida (-115)
The talented, yet underrated Machida looks to take his perfect 11-0 record into the cage to square off against one of the most highly sought after MMA free agents in Sokoudjou. Sokoudjou is nowhere near Machida’s league when it comes to MMA experience, but what he lacks there, he makes up for in excitement and aggression.
Sokoudjou is coming off of surprising upsets against top ranked Light Heavyweights, knocking out Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Ricardo Arona in consecutive fights.
Machida has beaten some of the best in the world, including former UFC Champions Rich Franklin and BJ Penn.  However, his passive and tentative style is not too appealing to UFC fans, and perhaps that is why he doesn’t receive the recognition that he may deserve. If he takes this same game plan into this fight, it will be lights out for him early because Sokoudjou looks to finish all of his fights as quickly as possible.   
Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Sokoudjou 2nd Round (T)KO

Chuck Liddell (+110) vs. Wanderlei Silva (-140)
If yesterday’s stare down was any indication of the level of intensity that these fighters have for each other, then MMA fans are finally going to get what they have been waiting years for.  Don’t blink because their entrances may last longer than the fight itself.
The key to this slug out will be determined by who can land the most powerful punche first.  Will it be Silva connecting with one of his wide, looping hooks, or will Liddell be able to strike inside and get his career back on track?
It is tough to say who this fight is more important for, a good case can be made for both, and look for both to fight as though their careers are dependent upon it, because they very well could be. Look for this to be a violent and intense fight, exactly what all MMA fans have been waiting for.
Ngo-stadamus predicts: Silva 2nd Round (T)KO

Matt Hughes (+180) vs. Georges St. Pierre (-240)
Did GSP take this fight on too short of notice? Is he underestimating the future UFC Hall of Famer because of what he did to him the last time around? Is Hughes barking up the wrong tree at this stage in his career? These are many of the questions that these two fighters will look to settle the score in this rubber match.
There are no secrets as to how each fighter will approach this fight. Hughes has vowed that his strategy will be much different than the last time GSP dominated the former Champ in the Octagon, promising to take this fight to the mat early and often. GSP will do all he can to keep this fight standing and replicate what he did in his last fight against another elite wrestler in Josh Koscheck.   GSP will be using his striking to keep Hughes at bay, all the while setting up his own takedowns.
Ngo-stadamus predicts:  St. Pierre 4th Round (T)KO

And those are Ngo-stradamus’s calls for UFC 79.  Don’t forget to check in to 5thRound.com throughout UFC 79 as we will be giving LIVE audio recaps of the previous fights, as well as predictions on the upcoming  fights.  Also, we may have some special guests lined up to give their predictions on the night’s fights as well.

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