Monson Charged with Felony

Written by Tom Ngo
January 15th, 2009

According to the Washington state newspaper, The Olympian, former UFC heavyweight contender Jeff Monson has been charged with first degree malicious mischief for allegedly spray painting an anarchy symbol on the state capitol building.

Unfortunately for Monson, it was a December article on ESPN the Magazine that may have done him in. The piece spoke about Monson’s involvement with the Olympia anarchist movement. Monson and his fellow Olympia followers are protesting the war in Iraq and the current economic disparities between the rich and the poor.

The edition included a picture of a man holding a spray-paint can painting the Anarchy symbol, and the photo caption identified Monson as the artist.

In the state of Washington, first degree malicious mischief is a Class B felony with a maximum sentence of up to ten years in prison. The graffiti on the side of the building is said to have cost more than $19,000 to remove.

According to the The Olympian, Monson is currently out of the state, however when contacted by the paper, Monson stated that he would be in contact with police shortly, but is unsure of his next step.

Moson has compiled a 27-8 professional record, and was victorious in his last bout against Ricco Rodriguez in December.

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