UFC 112’s Mark Munoz is Proof that Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

Written by Tom Ngo
April 9th, 2010

Although mixed martial arts is arguably the world’s most violent sport, fans are often shocked to discover the majority of the fighters are actually very friendly people. UFC middleweight Mark Munoz might take the cake when it comes to kindness, but don’t think for a second that this nice guy is finishing last.

“I don’t really believe in that theory,” Munoz told 5thRound.com while sporting a smile that extended from one ear to the other. “I’m a nice guy, but there are times when I’m not and that’s when I’m fighting.”

Munoz will take his impressive 7-1 professional record into the Octagon April 10th at UFC 112 against the talented Kendall Grove. Although he’s been training relentlessly for the biggest fight of his young career, he broke camp to fly across multiple time zones in order to support his longtime friend, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, when he faced Cain Velasquez at UFC 110 in Australia.

MMA super agent Ken Pavia echoed the same sentiment when he bumped into the wrestler in the hotel lobby on UFC 110 weekend:

“Mark has a very inviting and genuine smile so he is very approachable … I always believed that he was a natural to open a gym. Sure enough he informed me that he recently opened [Reign Training Center] in Lake Forest, California and has an all star pro team.”

Now that Munoz has successfully launched his new gym, he promises that becoming a businessman won’t change who he is as a person, especially since fighting wasn’t able to do it.

“I think a lot of people wear a lot of different hats in their life,” Munoz stated. “The hats that I wear as a business owner, as a family man and anywhere outside of the cage, I’m a nice guy.

“But when you see me in the cage, I wear a different hat. I put on the hat of destruction. I put on the wrecking machine hat because that’s who I am, “The Filipino Wrecking Machine.”

The question now is, can the humble 32-year-old pull off the hat-trick and collect his third consecutive Octagon victory?

If Munoz is able to impose his will, he’ll ground ‘n pound his way to a W and fans will be treated to the biggest Kool-Aid smile they’ve ever seen. However, if for some reason things don’t go well for him in Abu Dhabi, you can still expect to see a grin on his face.

Check out 5thRound.com’s exclusive interview with Mark Munoz:

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