Franklin: "I Thought I Won the Fight"

Written by Tom Ngo
January 21st, 2009

Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin lost an odd decision to Dan Henderson at UFC 93 this past weekend. Two judges scored the bout 29-28 in Henderson’s favor, while the third scored the fight 30-27 for Franklin. Most MMA fans were shocked that one judge could have been so far off, but Franklin was shocked that two judges had him losing.

“Honestly, I thought I won the fight,” Franklin today told MMAJunkie.com.

Franklin was taken down four times in the first two rounds, and admits that Henderson was able to control much of the bout with his superior wrestling skills. However the former champion doesn’t feel that Henderson inflicted much damage on the ground, if any.

“I don’t think I won all three rounds, but I do think I did enough and should have won the second and third rounds,” said Franklin. “He took me down, but he really didn’t do anything once he had me there. Nothing landed. I was pretty much able to get up every time he took me down. In the 2ndRound, I don’t think he landed one punch when he sat in my guard. He wasn’t real active. He just kind of covered me to make sure I didn’t get back up.”

After hearing UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer read off the scores, Franklin was confused on how three judges that watched the same fight could come up with such different scores.

“‘How could that happen?’ That was my first thought,” Franklin stated. “How could one judge see three rounds in my favor and two other judges see two of the rounds in his favor?”

Like the true competitor that he is, Franklin is eager for a rematch. The next time, he is hoping that one of them is the champion so it can go longer than 15 minutes.

“Oh yeah,” Franklin said. “I want a rematch, and I wish it were a five-rounder.”

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