Miguel Torres and Chad Ochocinco Engage in Classic Twitter Trash Talking Bout

Written by Tom Ngo
March 20th, 2010

It would be tough to argue that anything has revolutionized the media world as decisively as Twitter has. Tweeting is the fastest possible means in getting a message out to the public, with information often coming directly from the horse’s mouth.

While most use Twitter as an outlet to break news, some have made it their very own soapbox in order to vent, promote and smack-talk their way into the public spotlight.

No one has mastered the fine art of Twitter trash talking like NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, whose latest target just happens to be one of the baddest 135-pound mixed martial artists on the planet in former WEC champ Miguel Torres.

The two superstars got into a heated, if not entertaining, exchange late Friday night. Here’s what went down between 85 and the owner of MMA’s sickest mullet (COMPLETELY UNEDITED):

Chad Ochocinco:

“@MiguelTorresMMA would you be upset if i beat your ass and you are a professional fighter #justasking cause i will.”

Miguel Torres:

“@OGOchoCinco listen son, this aint dancing wit the stars. Whenever you want to get your ankles broke, hit me up.”


“@MiguelTorresMMA you want me to fly to you and beat you up? that will cost you a double ass whooping!!!!”

“@MiguelTorresMMA i might be dancing with the stars but you gonna see stars you keep talking this crap!!!!”


“@OgOchocinco Talk is cheap, whenever u want I will make you kiss the baby. You think your a Bengal, come earn ur stripes.”

“I’m in Chicago son, not LA. @OGochoCinco.”

“@OGochocinco have you ever kissed your own ass, cause I can make that happen. This shit aint tae bo. Child please.”

http://twitpic.com/19p4pl – I’ll show you how to do the stanky leg son @ogochocinco.”


Re-tweeted the picture to his followers and stated, “@MiguelTorresMMA its on son!!!!”


“@OGochoCinco I don’t start what I can’t finish. You threw the first stone, I just caught it and threw it back. I aint no bitch.”

“It aint on yet @OGochocinco I’m a Mexi”can” your the Mexi”can’t”. I aint changing my last name for nobody.”


“@MiguelTorresMMA well this mexican’t lose to you.”


“@ogochocinco won’t be kissing babies, he’ll be eating knuckles. You’ll be eating my fist as well as you catch a football.”


“@MiguelTorresMMA i will deal with you tomorrow, going to bed, got a flight in 5 hours.”


“@OGochoCinco nite baby, I already put u to sleep and we aint even fought yet. Round 1, 10-9 @MiguelTorresMMA.”

Torres referred to a couple of Ochocinco’s infamous catch phrases in his Tweets. For those that don’t know what “Child Please” and “Kiss da Baby” symbolizes, click the media player below and 85 will gladly take you though their creative meanings:

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