Barnett Talks About "Day of Reckoning" and Fedor

Written by Tom Ngo
January 28th, 2009

Affliction heavyweight sensation Josh Barnett put on a dominating performance this past weekend against Gilbert Yvel at “Day of Reckoning.” “The Babyface Assassin” talks about his performance, Fedor Emelianenko’s fight against Andrei Arlovski, as well as a potential bout against his close friend and reigning WAMMA champion.

“Dominant positions are great, but kick ass bombs being dropped on people and cool submissions are what people want to see and that’s the kind of things I want to deliver,” Barnett said about his inability to stop Yvel in the opening rounds. “So I gotta step it up next time.”

Barnett was finally able to get Yvel to submit from strikes in the 3rdround. Afterwords, Barnett said he was more anxious about the opening minutes of his close friend’s performance than he was in his own fight.

“[Emelianenko] was making me a little nervous tonight,” said Barnett. ”I was sitting there going, ‘Keep your hands up and move your head like this.’”

The Russian was able to ultimately knock out Arlovski in the 1stRound, which appeared to make Barnett more happy than Emalianenko.

“I don’t care about who I fight, but I want(ed) Fedor to win. He’s my friend and I want(ed) to see him win,” Barnett said.

Perhaps the reason Barnett was so excited is because with both of their wins, they are assured to be headed on a collision course for one another.

The world’s top two ranked heavyweights battling will surely bring big paydays for both fighters, and for that, these two businessmen and confidants have no issue fighting each other.

“We would fight each other, I’m sure of it, because we’re professionals,” said Barnett of fighting his friend. “If it can happen, then it’ll happen. We’re just both out there trying to be the best fighters we can be.”

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