“UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy” Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
March 27th, 2010

UFC 111 took place Saturday night inside the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Two championship fights headlined the star-studded event as Shane Carwin captured the interim heavyweight title with a 1stRound TKO over Frank Mir.  Carwin punched his ticket for a summer showdown against reigning king Brock Lesnar, possibly at UFC 116 on July 4th weekend.

Georges St-Pierre successfully defended his welterweight strap against Dan Hardy in the night’s main event. It was the first time he’d seen an Octagon since annihilating Thiago Alves at UFC 100 last July, however the French-Canadian was able to easily collect his seventh straight win.

Once again, we Tweeted the round-by-round coverage of the night’s fights. Here is a summary our exclusive coverage:

Preliminary Bouts:

Matthew Riddle Defeats Greg Soto via Disqualification (Illegal Upkick) at 1:30 in the 3rdRound
Jared Hamman Defeats Rodney Wallace via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Rousimar Palhares Defeats Thomas Drwal via Submission (Heel Hook) at :45 in the 1stRound
Ricardo Almeida Defeated Matt Brown via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:30 in the 2ndRound


Almeida/Brown has officially started, Almeida looking for a takedown and trips Brown up against the cage. Brown fights back up

Ref separates the fighters, Almeida gets Brown back against the cage, looks like Almeida doesn’t want to stay up

Almeida lands a few nice elbows as the round comes to an end. Almeida 10-9


Brown looks to kick but Almeida gets a takedown, Brown gets up and gets tripped again. Almeida lands a few strikes as Brown fights up

Brown throws another kick and gets taken down again, Almeida takes his back and has a body triangle and sinks in a rear naked choke

Brown is forced to tapout, Almeida gets a submission victory

Nate Diaz Defeats Rory Markham via TKO (Punches) at 2:47 in the 1stRound


Diaz & Markham start swinging, Diaz lands a left straight and a leg kick. Markham barely misses a right head kick

Diaz is starting to land punches at will and drops Markham with a knee and takes his back

Diaz has a body triangle and is teeing off on Markham’s head, the ref steps in and stops it

Main Bouts:

Jim Miller Defeats Mark Bocek via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Bocek lands a nice straight right and shoots in, Miller’s back is against the cage, both fighters exchange knees in the clinch

Miller lands a good leg kick, Bocek lands another straight right and gets a takedown

Fight is on the mat with Bocek in the half guard, Miller uses a kimura to sweep Bocek

Nice submission attempt by Miller, we give Bocek a narrow 10-9 1stRound


Another slam for Bocek who’s in the half guard again, Bocek gets into side control but Miller escapes back into half guard

Miller grabs Bocek’s leg but gets out and is in the full mount, Bocek takes Miller’s back with both hooks

Bocek has Miller’s right arm trapped in a body triangle but Miller is fighting off Bocek’s subs, 10-9 Bocek


Nice uppercut by Miller, body kick by Bocek. Leg kick by Miller, Bocek gets stuffed

Bocek has a single leg, Miller is looking for a guillotine. Bocek almost gets Miller’s back again

Takedown scored by Bocek but Miller gets up, great work by Bocek who takes the 3rd 10-9

Jon Fitch Defeats Ben Saunders via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Saunders gets a muay thai clinch but Fitch gets out, Saunders has Fitch against the cage

Fitch gets a takedown with Saunders head against the cage, Fitch is grinding away

Although on his back, Saunders lands some shots, goes for a triangle but Fitch’s base is solid

Easy round for Fitch as he controls the fight after it hits the mat 10-9 Fitch


Nice leg kick by Fitch, Saunders gets taken down again. Not much he can do as Fitch controls the ground

Good ground and pound by Fitch, still nothing offensively from Saunders, the ref stands it up after the crowd boos?

Another easy 10-9 round for Fitch, crowd doesn’t like it but he’s doing work


Both guys look fresh as the final round begins, Fitch lands a nice straight right and clinches Saunders again

More combos from Fitch as he has Saunders up against the cage again. Another takedown for Fitch

More ground and pound by Fitch from Saunders’ half guard. Dominating 10-9 3rdRound for Fitch

Kurt Pellegrino Defeats Fabricio Camoes via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:20 in the 2ndRound


Camoes gets Pellegrino’s back but can’t get a rear naked choke, he gets reversed and Pellegrino almost gets a rear naked choke

Camoes attempts a D’arce choke. great ground battle, Pellegrino is controlling the ground now. Pellegirno 10-9, it was close


Failed takedown attempt allows Pellegrino to land on top and moves to full mount

Nice work, Pellgrino gets a rear naked choke and forces Camoes to tapout

Shane Carwin Defeats Frank Mir via TKO (Punches) at 3:48 in the 1stRound (Carwin captures interim heavyweight tile, will fight champ Brock Lesnar later this summer to unify strap)


Crowd is amped respect from both fighters Mir attacks first, Carwin pushes Mir against the cage, good control by Carwin

Mir is getting kneed in the thigh and short punches to the face, ref separates the fighters. Mir lands a counter right

Both exchange bombs, Carwin clinches against the cage again, Carwin unloads with an uppercut and Mir is crumbling and Mir is out

Georges St-Pierre Defeats Dan Hardy Via Unanimous Decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-45) (GSP retains welterweight title)


St-Pierre takes the center of the Octagon and gets a takedown right away and moves into half guard

Hardy gets mission control but GSP has none of that and moves into side control. GSP takes Hardy’s back with both hooks

Right when Hardy escapes, GSP stands up and scores another takedown

Crowd goes wild as GSP gets the full mount and takes Hardy’s back again, GSP goes for an armbar but Hardy escapes!

Easy 1stRound for GSP 10-9


Neither guy looks anxious to strike, GSP gets a telegraphed single leg takedown easily

GSP has side control and gets Hardy’s back again and goes for another armbar. Hardy is in GSP’s guard now

That wan’t hard, GSP gets up. Straight right from Hardy lands, GSP counters with a left-right combo, Hardy smiles

Superman punch lands for GSP and he gets a double leg takedown. 10-9 GSP


Hardy misses a right hook, GSP scores another takedown. St-Pierre is posturing for ground and pound

GSP is following Jackson’s advice of not passing and pounding Hardy who throws up a triangle attempt that GSP passes into side control

GSP rips for a kimura but Hardy slips up and gest taken down again

Conditioning seems to be a factor for Hardy now, St-Pierre is still doing what he wants from the top.

Easy 10-9 3rdRound for the champion GSP


Once again Jackson tells GSP not to pass and GSP scores a takedown right when the fight starts

Hardy almost had the better position but got taken down again, GSP is following the gameplan to a T…

St-Pierre is looking for the finish and grabs a kimura, Hardy is holding on, it looks bad… Hardy has a massive heart

Another dominating round, GSP takes the 4th 10-9


Championship round looks like the first 4, Hardy on his back. Crowd is booing and GSP is easily winning

Looking like St-Pierre vs. Serra 2 as GSP is kneeing Hardy’s body. St-Pierre is looking for another kimura but Hardy fights it off

Americana attempt goes by the wayside, Rogan is talking about GSP wanting to finish the fight. Crowd is restless

When Hardy stands up, GSP takes him back down. St-Pierre takes no damage and takes the @5thRound 10-9

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