GSP vs. Silva, Don't Hold Your Breath

Written by Tom Ngo
February 5th, 2009

This past weekend at UFC 94, MMA fans were treated to the most anticipated bout in MMA history. Unfortunately for those that are anxious for the UFC to put together a Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva super-fight, president Dana White says that it won’t be happening in the immediate future. 

“I think it’s possible,” White said. “Right now, what I think we should do is guys stay in their weight classes for a while, but I’m a fan of super-fights. I think if these guys continue to go unbeaten and keep fighting … what I like to see, I like to see weight classes cleaned out. When you empty a division and you’re looking for that next challenge, why not step up and try to take it?”

In Thiago Alves, the UFC has already assigned an opponent for St-Pierre. He clearly is the welterweight division’s top contender, however no date has yet to be set for their showdwon.

Silva will be defending his 185-pound crown against Thales Leites at UFC 97 in April.

Assuming that both champions are able to hold onto their titles in their next bout, it still wouldn’t be a guarantee that they would meet after that. Although White is an MMA fan before all else, he doesn’t even think that the fight would happen a year from now.

“Would I like to see those two fight? Absolutely. Do I think it will be by Super Bowl of next year? I don’t know,” White candidly stated.

Both fighters have a tremendous amount of respect for each other, and have expressed how interested they are in fighting the best in the world. Needless to say, they both fall into that category.

“The primary reason I do the sport is not for the fame,” said St. Pierre. “I do it for myself. It’s important to me to always find a new challenge. It would be very interesting for me.”

Two key obstacles stand in the way for GSP to make this fight happen. He has said on multiple occasions that he would never get in the way of his friends’ opportunities at fighting for a middleweight title, and unfortunately Nate Marquardt and David Loiseau hope to challenge Silva for his title within the year.

In addition, one of the significant advantages that St-Pierre has exploited is that he is a very large welterweight, often cutting 15-18 pounds to make the required weight. If he were to move up a division, he would need time to properly put on the additional weight.

“I have never taken a steroid in my life, and I never will,” said St. Pierre. “If I fight Silva, I’d have to put on some extra weight. It would take me a few extra months to get ready.”
Bottom line, be thankful that we were able to witness the GSP-Penn II bout, but don’t hold your breath for a GSP-Silva fight.

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