GSP: St-Pierre/Penn III – The Result Will be Even Worse for Him

Written by Tom Ngo
February 5th, 2009

After hearing that BJ Penn contacted the Nevada State Athletic Commission yesterday evening to investigate whether or not his cornermen illegally applied Vaseline to his back, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre fired back at Penn. GSP states that he has never cheated once in his life, and that Penn is just looking for an excuse as to why he was beaten so thoroughly for 20 minutes.

“Listen, I never cheated in my life,” an aggravated St-Pierre told Sherdog Radio on Wednesday. “Let me tell you something, I never said something bad to BJ Penn. I never answered back to him with what he said. I’ve always been respectful. Even after the fight I went and told him, ‘Hey, keep your head up. You can be proud. You’re a tough guy. You stayed in the ring for a long time.’

“But now that he says something like that it bothers me a lot. He already said I was taking steroids, that I was a quitter, that he was blaming me for seeing a sports psychologist and now he says that I cheat because I use Vaseline.”

During their UFC 94 bout, the NSAC was alerted during the intermission prior to the start of the 2ndRound that GSP’s cornermen, trainer Greg Jackson and muay thai coach Phil Nurse, were illegally applying lubricant to the shoulders, back and chest of the champion.

Then, during the intermissions before the 3rd and 4thRounds, Commission representatives confronted the cornermen and wiped GSP down with towels before the start of each of those rounds.

“First of all what happened is Phil, he put Vaseline in my face, but then after he didn’t have the Vaseline,” St-Pierre said about their corner’s ritual. “After he put Vaseline in my face, he didn’t put Vaseline in my back. That’s what people don’t understand. He put one hand on my chest and he made a circle behind my back. It helps my breathing.

“When you come back in the corner, sometimes by punching and clinching, your shoulders are stiff,” St-Pierre continued. “So it’s good to massage the shoulders to make the blood flow, you know what I mean? To make it more loose. If you look at muay Thai fights, in muay Thai they come back in the corner to get massage[d] to make the blood circulate. It’s the same thing in MMA. You get massage[d] to make the blood flow so you’re more fresh the next round.”

The always classy St-Pierre was understanding as to why Penn is searching for answers, however GSP feels that he is going about it the wrong way. In fact, Penn is just hurting his legacy.

“It’s disrespectful, but BJ is a winner,” St-Pierre said. “I understand a winner’s mentality. A winner’s mentality always tries to understand the reason why he lost. In BJ’s case, he doesn’t do it in a good way. I understand that he tries to understand why he lost, but what he should’ve done instead of looking at things he doesn’t control he should’ve looked at himself in the mirror and asked himself what he should’ve done better to be more well-prepared for that fight to be able to beat Georges St-Pierre instead of looking at me and try to find excuses…BJ right now is doing it all wrong and he’s not going to become a better fighter if he keeps acting like this.”

Rudy Vaentino, Penn’s head trainer, claims that GSP used similar greasing tactics when the two first collided back in 2006, when St-Pierre squeaked out a controversial split decision.

In addition, Valentino also states that former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra alleged St-Pierre did the same thing in their rematch at UFC 83 last April.

And now, nine-time defending welterweight champion Matt Hughes has gone on record stating that he thought the French Canadian was unusually slippery in their last two meetings. GSP dominated Hughes in their last two fights, and holds a 2-1 edge over the future UFC Hall of Famer.

“I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy,” Hughes posted on his website.

St-Pierre was shocked that his previous opponents would make such erroneous claims against him, however intends to use it as motivation for all of his future fights, specifically if they ever meet again.

“I don’t know what to say,” he stated. “The next fight day they just have to check me. I have nothing to hide. It pisse[s] me off a little bit. It’s like people are jealous or something … I’m not going to talk bad. I don’t mind. Everything comes up and down in life. I think Matt Hughes is trying to find excuses now for going on the way down. I don’t know.”

The easiest way to settle the controversy seems to be a third bout between Penn and St-Pierre, and the 170-pound champ agrees wholeheartedly. In fact, he is insisting on it if it would put an end to all of this nonsense.

“Lets go do a rematch with BJ Penn,” St-Pierre emphatically stated. “We’re going to do it this summer. St-Pierre/Penn III — and this time we’ll wear a rash guard. I guarantee you the result will be the same or even worse for him.”

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