GSP-Penn III in Summer of 2009?

Written by Tom Ngo
February 6th, 2009


Although their highly anticipated battle came to a convincing close nearly a week ago, “Vaselinegate” refuses to go away. In fact, it seems to be snowballing to the point that both fighters are calling for a trilogy to put an end to their feud. Although UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre holds a 2-0 edge over BJ Penn, and dominated him for 20 minutes at UFC 94, these two may be destined for a 3rd bout with one another.

On Wednesday, just hours after discovering that Penn and his camp contacted the Nevada State Athletic Commission to investigate him and his cornermen for illegally applying Vaseline to his shoulders, back and chest, GSP responded back with vigor.

“Listen, I never cheated in my life,” an aggravated St-Pierre told Sherdog Radio. “Let me tell you something, I never said something bad to BJ Penn. I never answered back to him with what he said. I’ve always been respectful. Even after the fight I went and told him, ‘Hey, keep your head up. You can be proud. You’re a tough guy. You stayed in the ring for a long time.’

“But now that he says something like that it bothers me a lot. He already said I was taking steroids, that I was a quitter, that he was blaming me for seeing a sports psychologist and now he says that I cheat because I use Vaseline.”

The French-Canadian said that there is only one way to put an end to all of the feuding and controversy.

“Lets go do a rematch with BJ Penn,” St-Pierre emphatically stated. “We’re going to do it this summer. St-Pierre/Penn III — and this time we’ll wear a rash guard. I guarantee you the result will be the same or even worse for him.”

After reading St-Pierre’s comments, Penn rose from seclusion to defend himself and the reasons why they called for the investigation.

“For the past several days I have been reading statements made by St-Pierre and Greg Jackson about our fight on January 31,” Penn stated on his website. “St-Pierre claims that he is ‘not a cheater’ and that he and Greg Jackson will have ‘no problem with a rematch in the summer of 2009.’ To the untrained eye the grease might not look like much, but every grappler knows the effect that it has. Being able to apply your submissions and sweeps or just being able to hold on to your opponent to defend yourself from being hit is absolutely critical!

“There is a reason why you are not allowed to put grease anywhere on your body except for the area around your eyes. Because of the grease applied to St-Pierre’s Body the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s executive director, Keith Kizer, has stated that the Penn/St-Pierre fight ‘definitely wasn’t fair.’ I hereby accept George St-Pierre and Greg Jackson’s challenge for a fight in the summer 2009. Let’s call Dana now and set it up.”

The UFC would more than welcome a 3rd bout between the two, as president Dana White proclaimed yesterday that UFC 94 would be the organization’s top pay-per-view earner ever, topping more than 1.3 million buys.

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