Alves Focused on GSP

Written by Tom Ngo
March 23rd, 2009


Lost amongst all of the greasing hoopla is the fact that UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has the toughest challenge of his MMA career staring him dead in the eyes. Thiago Alves could have cared less what happened at UFC 94, outside of the fact that his ticket is now punched for a UFC 100 showdown.

“I thought GSP looked really good like he always does, but BJ Penn I think didn’t show up to fight at all,” Alves stated about the controversial rematch. “I don’t even know what happened with him, I just don’t think that was the BJ Penn we’re used to seeing. Even in the 1stRound he didn’t put up no fight against GSP, he was always playing the defense side, never attacked him, never actually put up a fight.

“I was expecting more from BJ, but props to GSP. He looked really good.”

The 25-year-old Alves doesn’t feel the need to spit any yang in GSP’s direction, because realistically, the French Canadian is the walking blueprint of what every young MMAer wants to be, including Alves, however The American Top Team fighter wants to be him now.

“I’m a big fan of Georges St-Pierre. There’s no reason for trash talking. What can you say about Georges? There’s nothing bad you can say about the guy,” Alves said. “He’s the perfect athlete. He’s the man. He’s the champion. I’ve just got a lot of respect, but I want everything that he has. I want to take the belt away from him. I want the fame. I want the money. ”

Alves will be riding a seven-fight winning streak into his bout against St-Pierre, with his last few coming against the who’s who of the welterweight division.

Alves has posted wins over Karo Parisyan, Matt Hughes and Josh Koscheck, respectively, in his last Octagon outings. Although those are great notches on his belt, he knows that beating St-Pierre for his strap will be that much more difficult, however he won’t be going at it alone.

“Once I step in there it’s not going to be just me. It’s going to be my family, all of my teammates, and everybody. I’m really excited about it,” commented Alves.

The Brazilian said that if fans have been impressed by his resume thus far, just wait until they see what he has in store for them this coming year.

“2009 is going to be even better. I’m really excited about it,” a confident Alves said in closing.

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