Parisyan States His Case

Written by Tom Ngo
February 10th, 2009


After being informed that he had tested positive for pain killers, UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan states that just after he turned in his post-fight drug test, he informed the Nevada State Athletic Commission that he had taken a prescription pain killer the night before his UFC 94 bout against Dong Hyun Kim. Parisyan states that, at that time, they told him it was fine as long as he had a prescription.

According to Commission executive director Keith Kizer, although Parisyan verbally stated that he had taken the prescription drugs, he inaccurately filled out the NSAC’s pre-fight medical questionnaire. Parisyan did not list his use of the painkillers in the section of the questionnaire where fighters can  disclose use of prescription medication within 15 days prior to the fight.

“I told (the commission) ‘listen, by the way, if pain pills come positive, I have prescription, I told you.’ They said, ‘no problem, as long as you have a prescription for it, and it’s like a pain pill, it’s not a big deal,’” an upset Parisyan told MMAWeekly.com

Kizer states that he didn’t inform the Commission of his usage until after he was notified that he would be required to submit a post-fight drug test. He also didn’t receive a copy of the prescription until the following week, however he does question Parisyan’s recollection of the conversation with the Commission.

“I mean, I wasn’t back there, but that’s nothing we’d say,” said Kizer.

The Commission reported that Parisyan had unacceptable levels of Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone and Oxymorphone in his system.

Parisyan now faces a possible fine, suspension and even having his split decision victory overturned to a no contest.

“I did not even think about any of that stuff,” Parisyan said. “I was just thinking about my fight, and my anxiety and how I’m going to walk in the cage. I had so many problems in my head. I didn’t even think I should write – I was just doing it fast, fast, fast, just to get out there and weigh in and fight. I completely forgot about all this stuff.

“When he asked me after the fight, my mind was calm, my body was calm, and I was thinking about the urine test. They say I didn’t say it before, and I know that’s my mistake. They can’t hold that against me. I didn’t kill anybody. I even told the main guy. He said, ‘Karo, as long as you didn’t take anabolic drugs, or cocaine, or any of that crazy stuff, you should be fine as long as you’ve got the prescription.’”

Parisyan is scheduled to face Josh Koscheck at UFC 98, assuming Kos is able to walk away healthy and victorious in his bout against Paulo Thiago at UFC 95.

“They better not do anything to screw that up,” said Parisyan said about his upcoming bout. “I’m gonna go beyond training for this fight. The deal is, I couldn’t travel because of my anxiety. I would go crazy in hotel rooms and et cetera, so all kinds of reasons. But now, thank God, I’m fine. I can travel and I can train. And that’s what I’m shooting for. I want to travel and train with (Georges) St-Pierre and my original camp, with Greg Jackson, and I’ll be in the best shape of my life. I guarantee that. I’m not (expletive) around no more. Everything that I was (expletive) around with, no more.”

At this point, it is out of Parisyan and Kizer’s hands.

“It’s up for the commission to decide,” Kizer stated. “I don’t think so, but it’s up for the commission to decide. You can’t wait till after the fight, when they’re about to urinate in the cup, and say ‘oh, by the way, I took a prohibited substance yesterday.’ That’s what it sounds like happened here, but we’ll give him his chance to explain to the full commission.”

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