You've Got Mail

Written by Tom Ngo
February 12th, 2009


The King of Controversy is at it again. After requesting the Nevada State Athletic Commission investigate the illegal use of Vaseline applied to the body of his UFC 94 opponent, Georges St-Pierre, UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn is now claiming that it was none other than top 155-pound contender Kenny Florian that tipped him off about GSP’s antics via email.

“That is kind of surprising to me because Kenny is actually the guy who tipped us off that GSP was going to be greasing,” Penn said in his first interview since being humbled by St-Pierre. “He actually e-mailed me and tipped me off.”

Florian vehemently denies any contact with the lightweight champion, other than a cordial and brief greeting over a year ago.

“I’ve never emailed a fighter about anything like that. I don’t even have BJ Penn’s email,” a baffled Florian told Sherdog. “I’d love to see that email. I would say print that email and show it to everybody. Where’s this mystery email?

“I haven’t spoken to BJ — besides ‘hello’ — since January of 2007,” he added. “I’ve never trained with [St-Pierre] in the past. I have no motive in saying that. Even if I knew, would I say that? I know of other fighters who have [greased] and I don’t say anything to anybody.”

Florian announced earlier this week that he would be reaching out to GSP and his camp, Tri-Star, in Montreal for assistance in preparing for his upcoming bout against Penn.

Perhaps Penn is attempting to throw a wrench into Florian’s plans. After seeing what St-Pierre’s camp conjured up to hand him the most humiliating loss of his career, why wouldn’t Penn do all he can to prevent it from happening again?

By stirring up animosity between Florian and St-Pierre’s camp, they would be hesitant to accept him, let alone pass along any tricks of the trade that could hand Penn his first loss in the lightweight division in over seven years.

Florian feels that it is imperative that he soaks up as much knowledge from the French Canadian as possible.

“He’s trained everyone to fight against me. He trained both [Sam] Stout and [Roger] Huerta to fight me,” said Florian. “And obviously, he got a first-hand account of fighting BJ –- twice. He’s gone seven rounds with BJ, so that’s some good information to get. Hopefully Georges will forget about the email I sent BJ Penn and share it with me.”

Although Penn was quick to throw Florian under the bus in regards to the mysterious email, he does acknowledge that he will have his hands full when the two face off.

“He’s very good,” said Penn during his interview on BJPenn.com. “He’s very well rounded. He’s a black belt in jiu jitsu. He’s obviously improved his wrestling and he’s a southpaw muay Thai fighter with great kicks. He can box, he can elbow, he can knee. He’s a mixed martial artist. He is. I give Kenny that; he’s a mixed martial artist and I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

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