Garcia Fighting for His People

Written by Tom Ngo
February 28th, 2009


With the biggest fight of his career just days away at WEC 39, Leonard Garcia intends to be at his best against WEC champ Mike Brown. He has every intention of walking out of the cage with his hand raised and the belt around his waist, not only for him, but for his people as well.

“I think Brown is a great fighter. He’s definitely the #1 guy in our division,” Garcia stated. “He’s tough. I’m gonna be in for a hell of a fight, but those are the kind that bring out the best of me, so if I fight to my ability we’ve both got a serious fight ahead.”

Garcia is one of the division’s most dangerous fighters. He holds a 12-3 record, finishing his opponents in all of his wins, including a devastating knockout of former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver in his last outing at WEC 36.

Although it only took him 72 seconds to discard Pulver, he knows that he has to be prepared for an all-out war against the world’s best.

“I try and finish every round. I don’t hold back,” said Garcia. “I train for a [5Round] fight so expect fireworks for twenty-five minutes. I think he’s a great fighter. He also fights hard, as I do [too].”

Garcia feels that he has to fight hard, it is the culture in which he grew up. In fact, he has no choice because he believes that it is in his blood to come with it every time he enters the cage.

Simply, it is the way of his fellow Hispanics.

“I think it’s part of my fighting style. Being Hispanic, I love it when my fans get behind me,” said Garcia. “MMA fighters are gonna get praise in Mexico as long as they fight hard every time. I can’t wait to head down there after my fight with Brown. Win, lose, or draw – they know I will fight hard till the end!”

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