Coincidence or Conspiracy

Written by Tom Ngo
February 14th, 2009


The accusations continue to stockpile for UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. After dominating BJ Penn in their highly anticipated rematch, Penn  requested to have the Nevada State Athletic Commission investigate GSP and his cornermen for illegally applying Vaseline to his body. Since then, numerous other fighters have come out and questioned St-Pierre’s unusual levels of slickness.

A few months back, Jason “Mayhem” Miller  wrote an article for FIGHT! Magazine, in which he describes fighting an opponent that he felt was greased up. GSP defeated Miller via unanimous decision at UFC 52 way back in 2005.

Miller recently re-posted the article on the popular Underground Forums:

“This time an anonymous MEGA arena, in a mega city, in front of a mega crowd, in a mega show, for what was then mega money to me. The stakes are much higher this time, and I had done my best to prepare for this single fight, even going so far as to NOT have a wild sex party the night before the fight, so that I could improve my mental focus. After a rough 1stRound, I met in the center for round 2 and somewhere got taken down. ‘No biggie, my guard is good, he won’t hurt me here, and maybe I can pull off the submission, get a Dumbass of the Night’ award or something. While locked in my tight guard, I noticed that for some reason I was have trouble keeping my opponent’s head down. I practiced shirtless with my great training partners, and never had this much trouble keeping a guy from punching me. Was this guy uber strong or something? [Not] exactly. After a couple more stiff elbows to my grillpiece, I felt the familiar slick that I would get every day at kickboxing practice on my nose and eyes, only it was on my opponents neck, now up 2 rounds, Vaseline!

“Greasy bastard, I thought. Of course I yelled to the ref, ‘Hey! He is greased up!’ but much like anyone else watching me get pounded, he didn’t give a damn, and replied with ‘He’s ok!’ Followed by another smash to the face. Yeah, ok for HIM, but I’m taking a beating over here and can’t hold onto the bastard.

“Did I ever bitch about it afterward? Nope. Why? What’s the point? Would it put the toothpaste back in the tube? No. As far as everyone saw, I lost the fight, fair and square. Would it have made a difference if he wasn’t greased up? Maybe, but honestly probably not. He was the better man that night, plain and simple. He bent the rules, not broke them, and when you get away with it, it isn’t called cheating.”

Following GSP/Penn II at UFC 94, Penn’s trainer Rudy Valentino claimed that not only did GSP grease up for their rematch, but he also used similar tactics when the two first collided back in 2006, when St-Pierre squeaked out a controversial split decision.

In addition, Valentino also stated that former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra alleged St-Pierre did the same thing in their rematch at UFC 83 last April.

A few days after that, nine-time defending welterweight champion Matt Hughes stated on his weekly blog that he thought the French Canadian was unusually slippery in their last two meetings. GSP dominated Hughes in their last two fights, and holds a 2-1 edge over the future UFC Hall of Famer.

Matt Hughes’ February 3rd post:

“I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a fight. I know Matt Serra has mentioned it and, even in their first fight, I think BJ said something. I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.”

In his first comments since the accusations started flying, St-Pierre maintained his innocence:

“I don’t know what to say. The next fight day they just have to check me. I have nothing to hide. It pisse[s] me off a little bit. It’s like people are jealous or something … I’m not going to talk bad. I don’t mind. Everything comes up and down in life. I think Matt Hughes is trying to find excuses now for going on the way down. I don’t know.”

After hearing GSP’s response, Matt Hughes responded back on his February 10th post:

“I usually don’t do this, but I will this time. When I talk about a topic one week, it usually doesn’t get brought up again. I think a lot of people need to go back and reread last week’s blog, including GSP. At no point did I accuse Georges of putting grease on himself. All I said was that he felt slick. I’ve wrestled over a thousand matches, fought 50 opponents, all I’ve ever done in life is wrestle and compete with other people. With all that experience, do you think I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between sweat and something else? Last week when I got to Florida, I was in the elevator with Robbie, I said ‘Robbie did you hear about GSP?’  He said, ‘No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I then said that BJ accused him of being slippery. Robbie looked right up at me and said, ‘That’s what you said after Anaheim.’ Also, I’ve had several people close to me around my town who have come up to me and said the same thing. I’ve got nothing against GSP. I even think he’s somewhat a likable guy. Some people are trying to say that I’m making this personal and that’s just not true at all. The reason I didn’t bring this up before was because I didn’t know there was anything to him being slick. With all the other guys coming out and saying the same thing, I just wanted to be true to myself, and to everybody else, and say that there could be some validity there.”

Is it mere coincidence that a lot of St-Pierre’s former opponents are making these claims, or have they all decided to jump on the “Bash St-Pierre” bandwagon and conspire to knock the best 170-pound fighter in the world off his sky-high pedestal?

GSP’s good friend and long-time training partner, Nate Marquardt, is going with the latter of the  two.

“GSP, he beat both of those guys so bad (Hughes and Penn),” Marquardt stated. “He just demolished those guys. All three of them, BJ, Matt Hughes and Mayhem. For them to come out now and say what they’re saying, it’s just really a low blow. It’s weak, it’s just laughable.

“They just all know that they could never be that good so they have to accuse him of cheating. It’s flattering in a way.”

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