Cut Men and Physicians to apply Vaseline at UFC 95

Written by Tom Ngo
February 14th, 2009

On Tuesday, Marc Ratner, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs, clarified the rule change regarding the application of Vaseline to fighters. Ratner states that it is up to the States’ Athletic Commissions to determine who is allowed to apply the substance on the competitors, not the UFC.

Although Ratner is normally not involved with commissioning activities, he will oversee the enforcement of rules and regulations when UFC 95 invades London next week. England does not have a sanctioning body.

Ohio’s Commission states that for UFC 96, only impartial cut men and physicians are allowed to touch the greasing agent. MMAWeekly.com reported that Bernie Profato, executive director of the Ohio Athletic Commission, has confirmed that no cornermen will be allowed to handle Vaseline inside of the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

“We will handle this as we always have in the past,” Profato stated via e-mail. “The Vaseline can only be applied by the cut man or a physician.

“It’s not written in any rule, (but) it’s the policy we’ve always used.”

This falls on the heels of the controversy at UFC 94, when BJ Penn accused UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre of feeling a little slippier than the average man. Penn states that GSP’s cornermen illegally applied Vaseline to his body before the 2nd, 3rd and 4thRounds.

Penn has requested for the Nevada State Athletic Commission to invetigate the case.

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