Kos Just Getting Started, But Clock is Ticking

Written by Tom Ngo
February 16th, 2009


Most UFC fighters would be content as a top contender with a 12-3 professional record. However Josh Koscheck isn’t getting any younger, and feels that his time to capitalize is now. Kos wants to fight as many times as possible before he has to start fighting off Father Time as well the other elite 170-pounders.

“My plan this year, I want to fight at least five times this year. I think that would be ideal for me. I’m always in the gym. I’m always trying to train, and if anybody gets hurt, call Josh Koscheck because I’ll step up and fight,” said Koscheck. “My goal is to fight five times this year. I don’t care who it is. I don’t care where it is.”

The first of the five will be against Paulo Thiago this weekend at UFC 95, an opponent that Koscheck should be able to handle easily if he is on his game.

Kos intends to not only collect a “W,” but some much needed cage time as well.

“Every time you get in the cage you get more experience, you get more valuable time in that Octagon. And honestly, in the first three years of my career, I didn’t really have that much time in the Octagon,” said the top-five ranked welterweight. “I was pretty much a newbie, a fish out of water I would say. I really wanted to get as many fights as I possibly could. I think I have fifteen or sixteen fights with the UFC already, so now I’m starting to get in that rhythm. I’m starting to feel comfortable in there.”

When asked if Koscheck had his next opponent in mind if he were to dispose of Thigo, the American Top Team fighter said any and all are welcome, but first thing’s first.

“If anybody in the division is willing to step up and fight, I’m willing to accept the fight,” Koscheck stated. “Right now I’m not focused on anything but training and fighting in London on UFC 95 and getting a victory there. Then coming back home and getting back in the gym and getting ready for another fight.”

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