The Tale of Two Views

Written by Tom Ngo
March 26th, 2009

You would think that the elder coach on this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” would be the “bad cop.” However it appears that the younger and outspoken Brit will be the one that’s all business, and he expects all of the contestants to be that way too.

“I want my team to represent the sport of Mixed Martial Arts well, represent themselves well and represent the U.K. well,” stated Michael Bisping, the U.K coach. “I don’t want any of the (expletive) going on that went on last season – like trashing the house, getting wasted and all the rest of it.”

Dan Henderson, an 11-year veteran, will be coaching the U.S squad and doesn’t seem to care too much about the grab-ass antics that have occurred in the previous eight seasons.

“But you have to understand these guys are cooped up with no TV, no magazines, no books – nothing but each other to pick on – and that’s what makes for good TV,” said Henderson. “Whatever keeps them happy in the house and keeps them sane is fine by me – as long as they work hard in the gym, that’s all that matters.”

The Brits are probably wishing they could enjoy Henderson’s laissez-faire attitude, because Bisping won’t be having any of that college fraternity nonsense.

“If guys are coming on there looking for TV time and all the rest of it, then don’t bother turning up,” said the TUF alum. “I’m there to train serious fighters who want to fight and succeed in the UFC. Anyone just wanting to get on TV can (expletive) off, basically.”

Either way you want to look at it, all of the fighters are blessed to have this opportunity. Unfortunately some will be more serious than others, but Bisping intends to show them what it takes to call the UFC home.

“The way they’re going to train is the way I train for a fight, so first and foremost it’s going to be a hard training camp.” Bisping said. “Training for a bout is hard – it’s the hardest thing about a fight. It’s easy getting in there and fighting in front of thousands of people and winning and getting all the glory.

“But it’s when you get out of bed at 6am when nobody’s watching – and then get your ass kicked day in and day out – that’s the hard part.”

TUF 9 jumps off April 1st, immediately following The Ultimate Fighter 18. The UFC’s evening will be starting at 8PM EDT/PDT on Spike TV.

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