UFC 111: Dan Hardy Wins Fans But Gets Dominated By Georges St-Pierre

Written by Tim Ngo
March 28th, 2010

Although a lot of fans were unhappy with the way the main event unfolded, it’d be tough to say that it was a total loss. It seemed that the challenger, Dan Hardy, had a Rocky Balboa moment when the main event was over.

“Dan Hardy won over a lot of fans tonight, I guarantee you that. He went five rounds with the best 170-pounder in the world,” Dana White said following the title bout.

Obviously, a moral victory isn’t a consolation prize for losing a title fight, but it’s something that the UFC and Hardy can definitely build upon.

Many feel that if had Hardy worked on his wrestling and takedown defense, he would’ve made the fight a lot more interesting than it ended up being.

“It was no secret that Georges St-Pierre was not going to stand up with Dan Hardy,” White explained. “This is mixed martial arts. Dan Hardy came in to fight the best 170-pounder in the world. When you show up to fight him you better have some takedown defense.”

Now that Hardy knows where he stands on the welterweight totem pole, he can begin to lay the groundwork for another title shot, but this time he’ll have a lot more people supporting him.

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