Legacy Begins with Rebirth

Written by Tom Ngo
February 23rd, 2009

It appears that Diego Sanchez had to find a new home before he could begin his new legacy. In his first bout as a lightweight, Sanchez displayed the speed and agility that he showed in the heavier welterweight division, however he now also enjoys a significant size advantage over his opponent.

“This is my rebirth,” Sanchez stated after his UFC 95 victory over Joe Stevenson. “I was on my way to starting a legacy back when I was 19-0, and this is my rebirth for that Diego legacy. Not only am I going to make a statement the way I look, I’m also going to make a statement the way I fight.”

Saturday marked the third UFC weight class that Sanchez has competed in, and based on the results and the ease in which he dominated, he intends to be there for quite some time.

“(The move is) definitely permanent for now,” Sanchez said. “I made the weight cut fine. It’s permanent for now, when I’m in my thirties maybe I’ll go up.”

Sanchez has always been a gamer when it comes to fighting, and although he would like to stay in the 155-pound division, he did leave the door open in case the UFC asks him to avenge a couple of 170-pound losses.

“I’m here to do whatever the UFC wants me to do. If they want me to fight Kenny Florian, they want me to fight BJ Penn, Sean Sherk, (expletive) if they want me to fight Koscheck or Fitch, I’ll go up there and re-avenge those fights, too.”

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