Dana White on Jon Fitch: “He Doesn’t Want the Title Shot that Bad”

Written by Tom Ngo
March 30th, 2010

It’s been almost 20 months since welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre dominated Jon Fitch at UFC 87. Although the 25-minute thrashing was the nastiest beating he’d ever received, Fitch believes he’s much improved and would take out the planet’s baddest 170-pounder if he were granted a rematch.

“I’m a better fighter than I was the first time we fought and I want a title shot,” Fitch stated after posting a lopsided victory over last-minute replacement Ben Saunders at UFC 111. “I think I’m at the point where I can technically matchup with him and I’m just waiting for the opportunity to prove it.”

After collecting his fourth consecutive unanimous decision win, it was GSP 101 time for Fitch as he paid close attention to the night’s main event between the division’s reigning king and Dan Hardy.

“It was a good fight for him and I still see flaws in his game and that’s why I’d like to fight him next,” Fitch said of St-Pierre’s inability to finish Hardy despite catching the Brit in two tight arm submissions. “I thought he would have done a little more ground-and-pound, thrown some more elbows, but he controlled the fight. He lost some vital opportunities to finish with the kimura, armbars and even his back control.

“There’s nothing more important to me right now than fighting for a title.”

UFC president Dana White is fully aware of Fitch’s aspirations for a mulligan against St-Pierre, however instead of giving the wrestler what he wants, White opted to stir the American Kickboxing Academy pot by throwing a proposed AKA vs. AKA welterweight affair on the table.

“There’s no doubt [Fitch’s] in the mix. Maybe we do him and [Josh] Koscheck for the number one spot,” White said of clearing up the 170-pound logjam at the Northern California-based academy.

“I wouldn’t be open to that,” Fitch said of their sacred pact.

To which White fired back with, “He doesn’t want the title shot that bad then.”

“If that fight had to happen, it would happen in our gym with the doors closed,” Fitch stated.

“That would make a lot of money,” White sarcastically said.

Kos has already been confirmed to co-headline “UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun II” on May 8th against British slugging sensation Paul Daley, so it’s interesting that White would try to create drama among the teammates at this point in time.

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