Lowly Times for Lauzon

Written by Tom Ngo
February 27th, 2009


UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon announced on his official website that he has torn his ACL and will be forced to undergo surgery which will sideline him between 12-14 months.

“It looks like I will be having ACL surgery next week,” Lauzon writes. “I have had a history of bad luck with my knees. I have already had two knee surgeries … meniscectomies on both knees. Those surgeries were relatively simple because they just go in arthroscopically and shave down the meniscus. There is no stitching and no repairing done.

“The surgery scheduled for next week will not be so simple. Unlike the last two times, I will need my meniscus repaired. Instead of just shaving that little piece out, they will be stitching it up and getting it to sit back in place.”

The injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for Lauzon, as he is fresh off of a dominating victory over Jeremy Stephens at “UFC Fight Night 17” earlier this month.

Lauzon stated that he doesn’t believe that he will be able to resume light training for at least another four-five months and he expects to be training intensively in nine months.

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